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Stanley Stephens Company, Inc

Stanley Stephens has exclusively partnered with Zenon to bring this Naturally Stunning European Oak collection of engineered wood floors to North America. As a longtime stocking flooring distributor for over 43 years, headquartered in Bristol, PA. Stanley Stephens Company takes pride in the unwavering commitment to quality in design flooring products, combined with our firm’s enduring partnerships with like-minded manufacturers. Our team of professionals are experts in their field, and in providing outstanding customer service. We are proud our luxury wood floors can be found in homes and commercial spaces worldwide.

With locations that span from Metro NY to Metro Miami, let Stanley Stephens Co. help you select the floor that will inspire your personal space and tell your story.


Our company, based in Northern Poland, was founded by Zenon Zielke in 2001. A family business at heart, we have grown from a small manufacturing company to an international manufacturer and supplier, employing a local, highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

At Zenon, we regularly look for innovative ways to produce the best quality while maintaining the values of traditional craftsmen. Our production process is a marriage between old and new; state of the art equipment guarantees our precision machining to be second to none.

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At Zenon we only use responsibly sourced lumber from managed European forests, and Ensure that every part of the production process reflects our passion and values to produce the highest quality wood flooring. Each board undergoes a series of testing in accordance with our quality control measures, to make sure we always offer the markets our finest product.

Work with the best, to get the best results.